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Director's Message

The corporate aspect of SIMER PGDM (dual) sets it apart from any other Post Graduate Business Management Programme. The students at SIMER get the exposure of both inside and outside the classroom. An emphasis that greatly enriches the quality of educational experience and helps them to prepare for today’s business realities.

Bench Trending
We scan the environment for a serious analysis of best practices -

Phase I: Equals them
Phase II: Exceed them
Phase III: They are the benchmark for others to follow And we are ahead.

We carry out the rich tradition of our parents, we have ventured into a path breaking endeavor in the service of incumbent student managers, whose aspirations we set to fulfill and in the process become a prime source for our corporate recruiters by providing them with excellent managerial material with proper geocentric orientation.

We attract talented students, competent faculty and reputed recruiters from leading national and international firms. The national and international exposure will certainly be an important factor. An institutions reputation is a function of the caliber of students and the skills we cultivate in them. We then work on them to develop managerial class and interpersonal skills to excel in the very competitive international business environment these personal qualities area a pre requisite and highly demanded by prospective employers.

We connect to both ends of managerial supply chain.
Prof. Gautam Pherwani